Other Entities

CharacterEntity NumberEntity NameDescription
ŒŒŒcapital ligature OE
œœœsmall ligature oe
ŠŠŠcapital S with caron
šššsmall S with caron
ŸŸŸcapital Y with diaeres
ƒƒƒf with hook
ˆˆˆmodifier letter circumflex accent
˜˜˜small tilde
  en space
  em space
  thin space
‌‌zero width non-joiner
‍‍zero width joiner
‎‎left-to-right mark
‏‏right-to-left mark
––en dash
——em dash
‘‘left single quotation mark
’’right single quotation mark
‚‚single low-9 quotation mark
““left double quotation mark
””right double quotation mark
„„double low-9 quotation mark
‡‡double dagger
……horizontal ellipsis
‰‰per mille
‹‹single left angle quotation
››single right angle quotation
™ or ™™trademark
←←left arrow
↑↑up arrow
→→right arrow
↓↓down arrow
↔↔left right arrow
↵↵carriage return arrow
⌈⌈left ceiling
⌉⌉right ceiling
⌊⌊left floor
⌋⌋right floor
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