The Interfaces from Collection framework

The collections framework defines several interfaces.

CollectionEnables you to work with groups of objects; it is at the top of the collections hierarchy
ListExtends Collection to handle sequences (lists of objects)
SetExtends Collection to handle sets, which must contain unique elements
SortedSetExtends Set to handle sorted sets

The Collection Classes

The standard collection classes are summarized in the following table:

AbstractCollectionImplements most of the Collection interface.
AbstractListExtends AbstractCollection and implements most of the List interface.
AbstractSequentialListExtends AbstractList for use by a collection that uses sequential rather than random access of its elements.
LinkedListImplements a linked list by extending AbstractSequentialList.
ArrayListImplements a dynamic array by extending AbstractList.
AbstractSetExtends AbstractCollection and implements most of the Set interface.
HashSetExtends AbstractSet for use with a hash table.
LinkedHashSetExtends HashSet to allow insertion-order iterations.
TreeSetImplements a set stored in a tree. Extends AbstractSet.
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