ALL views

The following table lists views that have information about all accessible data. Regular database users have access to these views.

View NameDescription
ALL_CATALOGAll accessible database objects
ALL_COL_COMMENTSComments for all accessible columns
ALL_COL_PRIVSColumn privileges where you are involved
ALL_COL_PRIVS_MADEColumn privileges where you are the grantor
ALL_COL_PRIVS_RECDColumn privileges where you are the grantee
ALL_CONS_COLUMNSAll accessible constraint columns
ALL_CONSTRAINTSAll accessible constraint definitions
ALL_INDEXESDescriptions of all accessible indexes
ALL_IND_COLUMNSColumn descriptions of all accessible indexes
ALL_IND_EXPRESSIONSExpressions of all accessible function-based indexes
ALL_MVIEWSDescriptions for all accessible materialized views
ALL_NESTED_TABLE_COLSAll accessible columns of nested tables
ALL_NESTED_TABLESAll accessible nested tables
ALL_OBJECTSAll accessible database objects
ALL_SEQUENCESAll accessible sequences
ALL_TABLESAll accessible tables
ALL_TAB_COLSColumn descriptions for all accessible tables
ALL_TAB_COLUMNSColumn descriptions for all accessible tables without hidden columns
ALL_TAB_COMMENTSAll comments for accessible tables
ALL_TAB_PRIVSTable privileges
ALL_TAB_PRIVS_MADETable privileges where you are object owner or grantor
ALL_TAB_PRIVS_RECDTable privileges where you are the privilege grantee
ALL_UPDATABLE_COLUMNSAccessible updatable join view columns
ALL_USERSInformation about all database users
ALL_VIEWSInformation about all accessible views
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