DBA views

The views listed in the following table have database-wide information and are accessible only to DBA privileges.

View NameDescription
DBA_AUDIT_TRAILAll entries of the audit trail
DBA_CATALOGAll indexes, tables, views, clusters, synonyms, and sequences
DBA_COL_COMMENTSAll column comments
DBA_COL_PRIVSAll column privileges
DBA_CONSTRAINTSAll constraints
DBA_DATA_FILESAll data files belonging to the database
DBA_DB_LINKSAll database links
DBA_EXTENTSAll extents
DBA_FREE_SPACESummary of all free space
DBA_INDEXESDescription of all indexes
DBA_IND_COLUMNSDescription of all index columns
DBA_IND_EXPRESSIONSExpressions of all function-based indexes
DBA_LOCKSAll locks
DBA_MVIEWSAll materialized views
DBA_NESTED_TABLE_COLSAll columns of nested tables
DBA_NESTED_TABLESAll nested tables
DBA_OBJECTSAll database objects
DBA_RECYCLEBINAll dropped objects in the recycle bin
DBA_ROLE_PRIVSAll roles, granted to users or other roles
DBA_ROLESAll roles
DBA_SEGMENTSAll segments (e.g., tables and indexes)
DBA_SEQUENCESAll sequences
DBA_SYNONYMSAll synonyms
DBA_SYS_PRIVSAll system privileges granted to users or roles
DBA_TABLESDescription of all tables
DBA_TABLESPACESAll tablespaces
DBA_TAB_COLSDescription of all columns
DBA_TAB_COLUMNSDescription of all columns, without hidden columns
DBA_TAB_COMMENTSAll table comments
DBA_TAB_PRIVSAll table privileges
DBA_TS_QUOTASAll user quota, per tablespace
DBA_UPDATABLE_COLUMNSAll columns of updatable join views
DBA_USERSInformation about all users
DBA_VIEWSDescription of all views
DBA_WAITERSAll sessions waiting for something (locks)
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