NEW_TIME function

The new_time function converts a date in time zone1 to a date in time zone2.

The syntax for the new_time function is:

new_time( date, zone1, zone2 )

zone1 and zone2 ValueDescription
ASTAtlantic Standard Time
ADTAtlantic Daylight Time
BSTBering Standard Time
BDTBering Daylight Time
CSTCentral Standard Time
CDTCentral Daylight Time
ESTEastern Standard Time
EDTEastern Daylight Time
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
HSTAlaska-Hawaii Standard Time
HDTAlaska-Hawaii Daylight Time
MSTMountain Standard Time
MDTMountain Daylight Time
NSTNewfoundland Standard Time
PSTPacific Standard Time
PDTPacific Daylight Time
YSTYukon Standard Time
YDTYukon Daylight Time

SQL> select new_time (to_date ('2012/12/01 01:45', 'yyyy/mm/dd HH24:MI'), 'AST', 'MST') from dual;


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