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Split the string into an array of strings using one of the separator in 'sep'.

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//package com.funambol.util;

import java.util.Vector;

 * Utility class useful when dealing with string objects. This class is a
 * collection of static functions, and the usage is:
 * StringUtil.method()
 * it is not allowed to create instances of this class
public class StringUtil {

  private static final String HT = "\t";
  private static final String CRLF = "\r\n";

  // This class cannot be instantiated
  private StringUtil() {

   * Split the string into an array of strings using one of the separator in
   * 'sep'.
   * @param s
   *            the string to tokenize
   * @param sep
   *            a list of separator to use
   * @return the array of tokens (an array of size 1 with the original string
   *         if no separator found)
  public static String[] split(final String s, final String sep) {
    // convert a String s to an Array, the elements
    // are delimited by sep
    final Vector<Integer> tokenIndex = new Vector<Integer>(10);
    final int len = s.length();
    int i;

    // Find all characters in string matching one of the separators in 'sep'
    for (i = 0; i < len; i++)
      if (sep.indexOf(s.charAt(i)) != -1)
        tokenIndex.addElement(new Integer(i));

    final int size = tokenIndex.size();
    final String[] elements = new String[size + 1];

    // No separators: return the string as the first element
    if (size == 0)
      elements[0] = s;
    else {
      // Init indexes
      int start = 0;
      int end = (tokenIndex.elementAt(0)).intValue();
      // Get the first token
      elements[0] = s.substring(start, end);

      // Get the mid tokens
      for (i = 1; i < size; i++) {
        // update indexes
        start = (tokenIndex.elementAt(i - 1)).intValue() + 1;
        end = (tokenIndex.elementAt(i)).intValue();
        elements[i] = s.substring(start, end);
      // Get last token
      start = (tokenIndex.elementAt(i - 1)).intValue() + 1;
      elements[i] = (start < s.length()) ? s.substring(start) : "";

    return elements;



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