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an example of using an array for two tasks

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    int temps[31];
    int i, total;
    float average,celsius;

    for( i = 0; i < 31; i++) {
        printf("enter temperature #%d:", i);
        scanf("%d", &temps[i]);
    for(i = 0; i < 31; i++)
        total += temps[ i ];
    average = total / 31.0;
    printf("average is:%f\n\n", average);
    puts("fahrenheit \t celsius\n");

    for( i = 0; i < 31; i++) {
        celsius = (5.0 / 9.0) * ( temps[ i ] - 32);
        printf("%d\t\t%6.2f\n", temps[ i ], celsius);


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