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Demonstrate a destructor

Demonstrate a destructor
C#: The Complete Reference 
by Herbert Schildt 

Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill (March 8, 2002)
ISBN: 0072134852
// Demonstrate a destructor. 
using System; 
class Destruct {  
  public int x;  
  public Destruct(int i) {  
    x = i;  
  // called when object is recycled 
  ~Destruct() { 
    Console.WriteLine("Destructing " + x); 
  // generates an object that is immediately destroyed 
  public void generator(int i) { 
    Destruct o = new Destruct(i); 
public class DestructDemo1 {    
  public static void Main() {    
    int count; 
    Destruct ob = new Destruct(0); 
    /* Now, generate a large number of objects.  At 
       some point, garbage collection will occur.  
       Note: you might need to increase the number 
       of objects generated in order to force 
       garbage collection. */ 
    for(count=1; count < 100000; count++) 


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