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Performs integer division on two BigInteger values and returns the remainder.


using System;
using System.Numerics;

public class Example
   public static void Main()
      BigInteger dividend1 = 1;
      BigInteger dividend2 = 2;
      BigInteger divisor1 = 3;
      BigInteger divisor2 = 4;
      BigInteger remainder1, remainder2;
      BigInteger divRem1 = BigInteger.Zero;
      BigInteger divRem2 = BigInteger.Zero;

      remainder1 = BigInteger.Remainder(dividend1, divisor1);
      remainder2 = BigInteger.Remainder(dividend2, divisor1);

      BigInteger.DivRem(dividend1, divisor1, out divRem1);
      Console.WriteLine("BigInteger.Remainder({0}, {1}) = {2}", 
                        dividend1, divisor1, remainder1);
      Console.WriteLine("BigInteger.DivRem({0}, {1}) = {2}", 
                        dividend1, divisor1, divRem1);                    
      if (remainder1.Equals(divRem1))
         Console.WriteLine("The remainders are equal.\n");

      BigInteger.DivRem(dividend2, divisor2, out divRem2);
      Console.WriteLine("BigInteger.Remainder({0}, {1}) = {2}", 
                        dividend2, divisor2, remainder2);
      Console.WriteLine("BigInteger.DivRem({0}, {1}) = {2}", 
                        dividend2, divisor2, divRem2);                    
      if (remainder2.Equals(divRem2))
         Console.WriteLine("The remainders are equal.\n");


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