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Appends various data to StringBuilder


using System;
using System.Text;

class Sample 
    public static void Main() 
        Object   obj       = 0;
        bool        xBool     = true;
        byte        xByte     = 1;
        short       xInt16    = 2;
        int         xInt32    = 3;
        long        xInt64    = 4;
        Decimal     xDecimal  = 5;
        float       xSingle   = 6.6F;
        double      xDouble   = 7.7;
        ushort      xUInt16   = 8;
        uint        xUInt32   = 9;
        ulong       xUInt64   = 10;
        sbyte       xSByte    = -11;
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        sb = sb.Append(xBool);
        sb = sb.Append(obj).Append(xByte);
        sb = sb.Append(xInt16);
        sb = sb.Append(xInt32);
        sb = sb.Append(xInt64);
        sb = sb.Append(xDecimal);
        sb = sb.Append(xSingle).Append(xDouble);
        sb = sb.Append(xUInt16);
        sb = sb.Append(xUInt32).Append(xUInt64);
        sb = sb.Append(xSByte);
        String str = sb.ToString();
        Console.WriteLine("The appended string is:");


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