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Demonstrates principal and identity objects

Demonstrates principal and identity objects
Mastering Visual C# .NET
by Jason Price, Mike Gunderloy

Publisher: Sybex;
ISBN: 0782129110

  Example19_6.cs demonstrates principal & identity objects

using System;
using System.Security.Principal;

public class Example19_6 

    public static void Main() 

        // get the current identity
        WindowsIdentity wi = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent();

        Console.WriteLine("Identity information:");
        Console.WriteLine("  Authentication Type: {0}",wi.AuthenticationType);
        Console.WriteLine("  Is Anonymous: {0}", wi.IsAnonymous);
        Console.WriteLine("  Is Authenticated: {0}", wi.IsAuthenticated);
        Console.WriteLine("  Is Guest: {0}", wi.IsGuest);
        Console.WriteLine("  Is System: {0}", wi.IsSystem);
        Console.WriteLine("  Name: {0}", wi.Name);
        Console.WriteLine("  Token: {0}", wi.Token);

        // get the associated principal
        WindowsPrincipal prin = new WindowsPrincipal(wi);

        Console.WriteLine("Principal information:");
        Console.WriteLine("  Authentication Type: {0}", prin.Identity.AuthenticationType);
        Console.WriteLine("  Is authenticated: {0}", prin.Identity.IsAuthenticated);
        Console.WriteLine("  Name: {0}", prin.Identity.Name);




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