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XPath Expression Syntax


Expression   Description

/            Starts an absolute path that selects from the root node.

             /Order/Items/Item selects all Item elements that are children of an Items element, 
             which is itself a child of the root Order element.

//           Starts a relative path that selects nodes anywhere.

             //Item/Name selects all the Name elements that are children of an Item element, 
             regardless of where they appear in the document.

@            Selects an attribute of a node.

             /Order/@id selects the attribute named id from the root Order element.

*            Selects any element in the path.

             /Order/* selects both Items and Client nodes because both are contained by a root 
             Order element.

|            Combines multiple paths.
             /Order/Items/Item/Name|Order/Client/Name selects the Name nodes used to describe 
             a Client and the Name nodes used to describe an Item.

.            Indicates the current (default) node.

             If the current node is an Order, the expression ./Items refers to the related 
             items for that order.

..           Indicates the parent node.

             //Name/.. selects any element that is parent to a Name, which includes the Client 
             and Item elements.

[ ]          Define selection criteria that can test a contained node or attribute value.

             /Order[@id="1999-01-30.195496"] selects the Order elements with the indicated 
             attribute value.

             /Order/Items/Item[Price > 50] selects products above $50 in price.

             /Order/Items/Item[Price > 50 and Name="Laser Printer"] selects products that match 
             two criteria.

starts-with  This function retrieves elements based on what text a contained element starts with.

             /Order/Items/Item[starts-with(Name, "C")] finds all Item elements that have a 
             Name element that starts with the letter C.

position     This function retrieves elements based on position.

             /Order/Items/Item[position ()=2] selects the second Item element.

count        This function counts elements. You specify the name of the child element to count or 
             an asterisk (*) for all children.

             /Order/Items/Item[count(Price) = 1] retrieves Item elements that have exactly one 
             nested Price element.

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