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base and interface

#include "stdafx.h"
using namespace System;

ref class MyClass{
      virtual void f() { Console::WriteLine("MyClass::f"); }
      virtual void g() { Console::WriteLine("MyClass::g"); }

interface class MyInterface{
   void f();
   void g();

ref class C : MyClass, MyInterface{

   virtual void f() new{
   virtual void g() override{

int main()
   MyClass^ b = gcnew MyClass();
   C^ c = gcnew C();
   MyInterface^ i = c;

   b->f(); // calls MyClass::f
   c->f(); // calls C::f
   i->f(); // calls C::f since C::f implements MyInterface::f

   MyClass^ bc = c;  // b pointing to instance of C
   bc->f(); // calls MyClass::f since C::f is unrelated

   b->g();  // calls MyClass::g
   c->g();  // calls C::g
   i->g();  // calls C::g since C::g implements MyInterface::g

   bc->g(); // calls C::g since C::g overrides MyClass::g


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