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Upper/Lower bound of duplicate multiset

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <cliext/set>

using namespace System;
using namespace cliext;
using namespace System::Collections::Generic;

ref class MyClass{
    String^ Name;

    MyClass() : Name(String::Empty) { }

    MyClass(String^ name) : Name(name) { }

    MyClass(const MyClass% orig){
        Name = orig.Name; 
    MyClass% operator=(const MyClass% orig){
        if (this != %orig)
            Name = orig.Name;
        return *this;
    ~MyClass() { }
    bool operator<(const MyClass^ rhs){
        return (Name->CompareTo(rhs->Name) < 0);
    bool operator==(const MyClass^ rhs){
        return (Name->Equals(rhs->Name));

int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
    multiset<MyClass^> mpets; 
    mpets.insert(gcnew MyClass("King")); 
    mpets.insert(gcnew MyClass("Buster"));
    mpets.insert(mpets.end(), gcnew MyClass("Zipper"));

    mpets.insert(gcnew MyClass("N"));
    multiset<MyClass^>::iterator New_Puppy = mpets.insert(gcnew MyClass("N"));

    multiset<MyClass^>::iterator puppiesL = mpets.lower_bound(*New_Puppy);
    multiset<MyClass^>::iterator puppiesU = mpets.upper_bound(*New_Puppy);

    for(; puppiesL != puppiesU; puppiesL++)
        System::Console::Write("{0} ", puppiesL->Name); 

    return (0);


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