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Overload string reversal function.

Overload string reversal function.
#include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
using namespace std;

void reverseString(char *s);              // reverse string in place
void reverseString(char *in, char *out);  // put reversal into out

int main()
  char s1[80], s2[80];

  strcpy(s1, "This is a test");

  reverseString(s1, s2);
  cout << s2 << endl;

  cout << s1 << endl;

  return 0;

// Reverse string, put result in s.
void reverseString(char *s)
  char temp[80];
  int i, j;

  for(i=strlen(s)-1, j=0; i>=0; i--, j++)
    temp[j] = s[ i ];

  temp[j] = '\0'; // null terminate result

  strcpy(s, temp);

// Reverse string, put result into out.
void reverseString(char *in, char *out)
  int i, j;

  for(i=strlen(in)-1, j=0; i>=0; i--, j++)
    out[j] = in[ i ];

  out[j] = '\0'; // null terminate result


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