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Grid with column span and row span

Grid with column span and row span

Code from Flex 4 Documentation "Using Adobe Flex 4".

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<!-- containers\layouts\GridRowSpan.mxml -->
<s:Application xmlns:fx=""
    <mx:Grid id="myGrid">
        <!-- Define Row 1. -->
        <mx:GridRow id="row1" height="33%">
            <!-- Define the first cell of Row 1. -->
                <mx:Button label="Button 1" />
                <mx:Button label="2" />
                <mx:Button label="Button 3" />
            <mx:GridItem rowSpan="2">
                <mx:Button label="Button 3a" height="100%" />
            <mx:GridItem rowSpan="3">
                <mx:Button label="Button 3b" height="100%" />
        <!-- Define Row 2. -->
        <mx:GridRow id="row2" height="33%">
            <!-- Define a single cell to span three columns of Row 2. -->
            <mx:GridItem colSpan="3" horizontalAlign="center">
                <mx:Button label="Long-Named Button 4" />
        <!-- Define Row 3. -->
        <mx:GridRow id="row3" height="33%">
            <!-- Define an empty first cell of Row 3. -->
            <mx:GridItem />
            <!-- Define a cell to span columns 2 and 3 and 4 of Row 3. -->
            <mx:GridItem colSpan="3">
                <mx:Button label="Button 5 expands across 3 columns"
                    width="75%" />


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