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Action Transitions

Action Transitions

Code from Flex 4 Documentation "Using Adobe Flex 4".

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    <!-- transitions\ActionTransitions.mxml -->
<s:Application xmlns:fx=""
    xmlns:mx="library://" xmlns:s="library://">
        <s:VerticalLayout />
    <!-- Define one view state, in addition to the base state.-->
        <s:State name="default" />
        <s:State name="OneOnly" />
    <!-- Define Transition array with one Transition object.-->
        <s:Transition id="toOneOnly" fromState="*" toState="OneOnly">
            <s:Sequence id="t1" targets="{[p2]}">
                <s:Wipe direction="left" duration="350" />
                <s:SetAction property="visible" />
                <s:SetAction property="includeInLayout" />
        <s:Transition id="toAnyFromAny" fromState="*" toState="*">
            <s:Sequence id="t2" targets="{[p2]}">
                <s:SetAction property="includeInLayout" />
                <s:SetAction property="visible" />
                <s:Wipe direction="right" duration="350" />
    <s:Panel id="p1" title="One" width="100" height="100">
        <s:Label fontSize="24" text="One" />
    <s:Panel id="p2" title="Two" width="100" height="100" visible="true"
        visible.OneOnly="false" includeInLayout="true"
        <s:Label fontSize="24" text="Two" />
    <s:Button id="b1" label="Change state"
        click="currentState = currentState == 'OneOnly' ? '' : 'OneOnly';" />


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