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Resize as blur

Resize as blur

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute">

        <mx:State name="C">
            <mx:SetProperty target="{windowD}" name="width" value="150"/>
            <mx:SetProperty target="{windowD}" name="x" value="373"/>
            <mx:SetProperty target="{windowD}" name="y" value="333"/>

        <mx:Transition fromState="*" toState="*">
            <mx:Sequence targets="{[windowA, windowB, windowC, windowD]}">
                <mx:Blur blurYFrom="0" blurYTo="10" duration="100" />
                    <mx:Move />
                    <mx:Resize />
                <mx:Blur blurYFrom="10" blurYTo="0" duration="100" />

    <mx:TitleWindow x="23" y="19" width="250" height="200" layout="absolute" title="A" id="windowA" click="currentState='C'" />
    <mx:TitleWindow x="309" y="19" width="250" height="200" layout="absolute" title="B" id="windowB" click="currentState=''" />
    <mx:TitleWindow x="23" y="260" width="250" height="200" layout="absolute" title="C" id="windowC" click="currentState='C'" />
    <mx:TitleWindow x="309" y="260" width="250" height="200" layout="absolute" title="D" id="windowD" click="currentState=''" />



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