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Deploy to Tomcat

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="envSample" default="deploy" basedir=".">
  <!-- Set up the 'env' prefix for environment variables -->
  <property environment="env"/>

  <!-- Abort the build if TOMCAT_HOME is not set -->
  <target name="checkTomcatHome" unless="env.TOMCAT_HOME">
    <fail message="TOMCAT_HOME must be set!"/>

  <target name="compile">
    <echo>Dummy compile...</echo>

  <!-- Deploy the WAR file to TOMCAT_HOME\webapps -->
  <target name="deploy" depends="checkTomcatHome,compile">
    <echo>Deploying to ${env.TOMCAT_HOME}</echo>

    <copy file="myapp.war" todir="${env.TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps"/>



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