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MultiKey Example 2

import java.util.HashMap;

import org.apache.commons.collections.keyvalue.MultiKey;

public class MultiKeyExampleV2 {

  private static HashMap codeAndLangToText;

  public static void main(String args[]) {

    codeAndLangToText = new HashMap();
    addMultiKeyAndValue("en", "GM", "Good Morning");
    addMultiKeyAndValue("en", "GE", "Good Evening");
    addMultiKeyAndValue("en", "GN", "Good Night");
    addMultiKeyAndValue("de", "GM", "Guten Morgen");
    addMultiKeyAndValue("de", "GE", "Guten Abend");
    addMultiKeyAndValue("de", "GN", "Guten Nacht");

    System.err.println("Good Evening in English: " +
      codeAndLangToText.get(new MultiKey("en", "GE")));
    System.err.println("Good Night in German: " +
      codeAndLangToText.get(new MultiKey("de", "GN")));

  private static void addMultiKeyAndValue(
    Object key1, Object key2, Object value) {

    MultiKey key = new MultiKey(key1, key2);
    codeAndLangToText.put(key, value);
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