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ResultSet getter Methods


Data Type                          Method

BigDecimal                         getBigDecimal(String columnName, int scale)

boolean                            getBoolean(String columnName)

byte                               getByte(String columnName)

byte[]                             getBytes(String columnName)

double                             getDouble(String columnName)

float                              getFloat(String columnName)

int                                getInt(String columnName)                getAsciiStream(String columnName)                getUnicodeStream(String columnName)                getBinaryStream(String columnName)

java.sql.Date                      getDate(String columnName)

java.sql.Time                      getTime(String columnName)

java.sql.Timestamp                 getTimestamp(String columnName)

long                               getLong(String columnName)

Object                             getObject(String columnName)

short                              getShort(String columnName)

String                             getString(String columnName)


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