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Simple Id Generator

// Copyright (c) 2003-2009, Jodd Team ( All Rights Reserved.

 * Simple synchronized int ids sequence generator. It takes the positive sequence range (boundaries are included).
 * Optionally, it supports cycling, when counter reaches the max value. Otherwise an exception is thrown.
 * @see SimpleLongIdGenerator
public class SimpleIdGenerator {

  protected volatile int value;

  protected int initialValue;
  protected int maxValue;
  protected boolean cycle;

   * Creates a new default cycled id generator. Starts from 1 and counts up to max int value.
  public SimpleIdGenerator() {
    this(1, Integer.MAX_VALUE, true);

   * Creates a new cycled id generator with specified initial value.
  public SimpleIdGenerator(int initialValue) {
    this(initialValue, Integer.MAX_VALUE, true);

   * Creates a new cycled id generator with specified range.
  public SimpleIdGenerator(int initialValue, int maxValue) {
    this(initialValue, maxValue, true);

   * Creates a new id generator with specified range and cycling flag.
  public SimpleIdGenerator(int initialValue, int maxValue, boolean cycle) {
    if (initialValue < 0) {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("Initial value '" + initialValue + "' must be a positive number.");
    if (maxValue <= initialValue) {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("Max value '" + maxValue + "' is less or equals to initial value '" + initialValue + "'.");
    this.initialValue = this.value = initialValue;
    this.maxValue = maxValue;
    this.cycle = cycle;

   * Returns the next value from the sequence. Thread-safe.
  public synchronized int next() {
    int id = value;

    if ((value > maxValue) || (value < 0)) {
      if (cycle == false) {
        throw new IllegalStateException("Max value already reached.");
      value = initialValue;
    return id;


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