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List keystrokes in the WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW input map of the component

import java.awt.event.InputEvent;
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent;

import javax.swing.Action;
import javax.swing.InputMap;
import javax.swing.JButton;
import javax.swing.JComponent;
import javax.swing.KeyStroke;

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] argv) throws Exception {
    JButton component = new JButton("button");
    InputMap map = component.getInputMap(JComponent.WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW);
    list(map, map.keys());
    list(map, map.allKeys());

  static void list(InputMap map, KeyStroke[] keys) {
    if (keys == null) {
    for (int i = 0; i < keys.length; i++) {
      while (map.get(keys[i]) == null) {
        map = map.getParent();
      if (map.get(keys[i]) instanceof String) {
        String actionName = (String) map.get(keys[i]);
      } else {
        Action action = (Action) map.get(keys[i]);

  static void keyStroke2String(KeyStroke key) {
    int m = key.getModifiers();

    if ((m & (InputEvent.SHIFT_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.SHIFT_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("shift ");
    if ((m & (InputEvent.CTRL_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.CTRL_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("ctrl ");
    if ((m & (InputEvent.META_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.META_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("meta ");
    if ((m & (InputEvent.ALT_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.ALT_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("alt ");
    if ((m & (InputEvent.BUTTON1_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.BUTTON1_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("button1 ");
    if ((m & (InputEvent.BUTTON2_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.BUTTON2_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("button2 ");
    if ((m & (InputEvent.BUTTON3_DOWN_MASK | InputEvent.BUTTON3_MASK)) != 0) {
      System.out.println("button3 ");
    switch (key.getKeyEventType()) {
    case KeyEvent.KEY_TYPED:
      System.out.println("typed ");
      System.out.println(key.getKeyChar() + " ");
    case KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED:
      System.out.println("pressed ");
      System.out.println(getKeyText(key.getKeyCode()) + " ");
    case KeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED:
      System.out.println("released ");
      System.out.println(getKeyText(key.getKeyCode()) + " ");
      System.out.println("unknown-event-type ");

  static String getKeyText(int keyCode) {
    if (keyCode >= KeyEvent.VK_0 && keyCode <= KeyEvent.VK_9 || keyCode >= KeyEvent.VK_A
        && keyCode <= KeyEvent.VK_Z) {
      return String.valueOf((char) keyCode);
    switch (keyCode) {
    case KeyEvent.VK_COMMA:
      return "COMMA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD:
      return "PERIOD";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SLASH:
      return "SLASH";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SEMICOLON:
      return "SEMICOLON";
    case KeyEvent.VK_EQUALS:
      return "EQUALS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_OPEN_BRACKET:
      return "OPEN_BRACKET";
    case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SLASH:
      return "BACK_SLASH";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CLOSE_BRACKET:
      return "CLOSE_BRACKET";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ENTER:
      return "ENTER";
    case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_SPACE:
      return "BACK_SPACE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_TAB:
      return "TAB";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CANCEL:
      return "CANCEL";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CLEAR:
      return "CLEAR";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT:
      return "SHIFT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL:
      return "CONTROL";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ALT:
      return "ALT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PAUSE:
      return "PAUSE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CAPS_LOCK:
      return "CAPS_LOCK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE:
      return "ESCAPE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SPACE:
      return "SPACE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_UP:
      return "PAGE_UP";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_DOWN:
      return "PAGE_DOWN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_END:
      return "END";
    case KeyEvent.VK_HOME:
      return "HOME";
    case KeyEvent.VK_LEFT:
      return "LEFT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_UP:
      return "UP";
    case KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT:
      return "RIGHT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DOWN:
      return "DOWN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_MULTIPLY:
      return "MULTIPLY";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ADD:
      return "ADD";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SEPARATOR:
      return "SEPARATOR";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SUBTRACT:
      return "SUBTRACT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DECIMAL:
      return "DECIMAL";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DIVIDE:
      return "DIVIDE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DELETE:
      return "DELETE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_NUM_LOCK:
      return "NUM_LOCK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_SCROLL_LOCK:
      return "SCROLL_LOCK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F1:
      return "F1";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F2:
      return "F2";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F3:
      return "F3";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F4:
      return "F4";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F5:
      return "F5";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F6:
      return "F6";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F7:
      return "F7";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F8:
      return "F8";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F9:
      return "F9";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F10:
      return "F10";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F11:
      return "F11";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F12:
      return "F12";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F13:
      return "F13";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F14:
      return "F14";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F15:
      return "F15";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F16:
      return "F16";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F17:
      return "F17";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F18:
      return "F18";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F19:
      return "F19";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F20:
      return "F20";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F21:
      return "F21";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F22:
      return "F22";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F23:
      return "F23";
    case KeyEvent.VK_F24:
      return "F24";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PRINTSCREEN:
      return "PRINTSCREEN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_INSERT:
      return "INSERT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_HELP:
      return "HELP";
    case KeyEvent.VK_META:
      return "META";
    case KeyEvent.VK_BACK_QUOTE:
      return "BACK_QUOTE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_QUOTE:
      return "QUOTE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KP_UP:
      return "KP_UP";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KP_DOWN:
      return "KP_DOWN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KP_LEFT:
      return "KP_LEFT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KP_RIGHT:
      return "KP_RIGHT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_GRAVE:
      return "DEAD_GRAVE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_ACUTE:
      return "DEAD_ACUTE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_CIRCUMFLEX:
      return "DEAD_CIRCUMFLEX";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_TILDE:
      return "DEAD_TILDE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_MACRON:
      return "DEAD_MACRON";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_BREVE:
      return "DEAD_BREVE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_ABOVEDOT:
      return "DEAD_ABOVEDOT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_DIAERESIS:
      return "DEAD_DIAERESIS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_ABOVERING:
      return "DEAD_ABOVERING";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_DOUBLEACUTE:
      return "DEAD_DOUBLEACUTE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_CARON:
      return "DEAD_CARON";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_CEDILLA:
      return "DEAD_CEDILLA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_OGONEK:
      return "DEAD_OGONEK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_IOTA:
      return "DEAD_IOTA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DEAD_VOICED_SOUND:
      return "DEAD_VOICED_SOUND";
    case KeyEvent.VK_AMPERSAND:
      return "AMPERSAND";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ASTERISK:
      return "ASTERISK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_QUOTEDBL:
      return "QUOTEDBL";
    case KeyEvent.VK_LESS:
      return "LESS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_GREATER:
      return "GREATER";
    case KeyEvent.VK_BRACELEFT:
      return "BRACELEFT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_BRACERIGHT:
      return "BRACERIGHT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_AT:
      return "AT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_COLON:
      return "COLON";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CIRCUMFLEX:
      return "CIRCUMFLEX";
    case KeyEvent.VK_DOLLAR:
      return "DOLLAR";
    case KeyEvent.VK_EURO_SIGN:
      return "EURO_SIGN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_EXCLAMATION_MARK:
      return "EXCLAMATION_MARK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_LEFT_PARENTHESIS:
      return "LEFT_PARENTHESIS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_NUMBER_SIGN:
      return "NUMBER_SIGN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_MINUS:
      return "MINUS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PLUS:
      return "PLUS";
      return "RIGHT_PARENTHESIS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_UNDERSCORE:
      return "UNDERSCORE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_FINAL:
      return "FINAL";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CONVERT:
      return "CONVERT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_NONCONVERT:
      return "NONCONVERT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ACCEPT:
      return "ACCEPT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_MODECHANGE:
      return "MODECHANGE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KANA:
      return "KANA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KANJI:
      return "KANJI";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ALPHANUMERIC:
      return "ALPHANUMERIC";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KATAKANA:
      return "KATAKANA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_HIRAGANA:
      return "HIRAGANA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_FULL_WIDTH:
      return "FULL_WIDTH";
    case KeyEvent.VK_HALF_WIDTH:
      return "HALF_WIDTH";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ROMAN_CHARACTERS:
      return "ROMAN_CHARACTERS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ALL_CANDIDATES:
      return "ALL_CANDIDATES";
      return "PREVIOUS_CANDIDATE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CODE_INPUT:
      return "CODE_INPUT";
      return "JAPANESE_KATAKANA";
      return "JAPANESE_HIRAGANA";
    case KeyEvent.VK_JAPANESE_ROMAN:
      return "JAPANESE_ROMAN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_KANA_LOCK:
      return "KANA_LOCK";
    case KeyEvent.VK_INPUT_METHOD_ON_OFF:
      return "INPUT_METHOD_ON_OFF";

    case KeyEvent.VK_AGAIN:
      return "AGAIN";
    case KeyEvent.VK_UNDO:
      return "UNDO";
    case KeyEvent.VK_COPY:
      return "COPY";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PASTE:
      return "PASTE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_CUT:
      return "CUT";
    case KeyEvent.VK_FIND:
      return "FIND";
    case KeyEvent.VK_PROPS:
      return "PROPS";
    case KeyEvent.VK_STOP:
      return "STOP";

    case KeyEvent.VK_COMPOSE:
      return "COMPOSE";
    case KeyEvent.VK_ALT_GRAPH:
      return "ALT_GRAPH";

    if (keyCode >= KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD0 && keyCode <= KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD9) {
      char c = (char) (keyCode - KeyEvent.VK_NUMPAD0 + '0');
      return "NUMPAD" + c;

    return "unknown(0x" + Integer.toString(keyCode, 16) + ")";


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