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Dialog with layout (Ext GWT)

Dialog with layout (Ext GWT)
 * Ext GWT - Ext for GWT
 * Copyright(c) 2007-2009, Ext JS, LLC.
 * licensing@extjs.com
 * http://extjs.com/license

package com.google.gwt.sample.hello.client;

import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Style.LayoutRegion;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Style.Scroll;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.event.ButtonEvent;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.event.SelectionListener;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.util.Margins;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.ContentPanel;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Dialog;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.LayoutContainer;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.button.Button;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.button.ButtonBar;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.layout.BorderLayout;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.layout.BorderLayoutData;
import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.layout.FlowData;
import com.google.gwt.core.client.EntryPoint;
import com.google.gwt.user.client.Element;
import com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.RootPanel;

public class Hello implements EntryPoint {
  public void onModuleLoad() {
    RootPanel.get().add(new DialogExample());
class DialogExample extends LayoutContainer {

  protected void onRender(Element parent, int pos) {
    super.onRender(parent, pos);
    final Dialog simple = new Dialog();
    simple.setHeading("Dialog Test");

    final Dialog complex = new Dialog();
    complex.setHeading("BorderLayout Dialog");

    BorderLayout layout = new BorderLayout();

    // west
    ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel();
    BorderLayoutData data = new BorderLayoutData(LayoutRegion.WEST, 150, 100, 250);
    data.setMargins(new Margins(0, 5, 0, 0));
    complex.add(panel, data);

    // center
    panel = new ContentPanel();
    data = new BorderLayoutData(LayoutRegion.CENTER);
    complex.add(panel, data);

    ButtonBar buttons = new ButtonBar();

    buttons.add(new Button("Simple", new SelectionListener<ButtonEvent>() {
      public void componentSelected(ButtonEvent ce) {

    buttons.add(new Button("Layout", new SelectionListener<ButtonEvent>() {
      public void componentSelected(ButtonEvent ce) {

    add(buttons, new FlowData(10));


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