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Java Type VS Hibernate Type

Chapter 4 - Database Connecting and Schema Generation
Professional Hibernate
by Eric Pugh and Joseph D. Gradecki 
Wrox Press 2004

Java Class Attribute Type         Hibernate Type               Possible SQL Type-Vendor Specific

Integer, int, long short          integer, long, short         Appropriate SQL type

char                              character                    char

java.math.BigDecimal              big_decimal                  NUMERIC, NUMBER

float, double                     float, double                float, double

java.lang.Boolean, boolean        boolean, yes_no,             boolean, int
java.lang.string                  string                       varchar, varchar2

Very long strings                 text                         CLOB, TEXT

java.util.Date                    date, time, timestamp        DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP

java.util.Calendar                calendar, calendar_date      TIMESTAMP, DATE

java.util.Locale                  locale                       varchar,varchar2

java.util.TimeZone                timezone                     varchar, varchar2

java.util Currency                Currency                     varchar, varchar2

java.sql.Clob                     clob                         CLOB

java.sql.Blob                     blob                         BLOB

Java object                       serializable                 binary field

byte array                        binary                       binary field

java.lang.Class                   class                        varchar, varchar2


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