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Given a message and parameters, resolve all message's parameter placeholders with the parameter value.


import java.text.Format;
import java.text.MessageFormat;
import java.util.Locale;
import java.util.ResourceBundle;

 * Internationalisation (I18N) helper
 * @author eliott bartley
public class I18N

    private I18N() { }

     * Given a message and parameters, resolve all message's parameter
     *  placeholders with the parameter value. The firstParam can change which
     *  parameter relates to {0} placeholder in the message, and all increment
     *  from this index. If any of the parameters also have placeholders, this
     *  recursively calls itself to fill their placeholders, setting the
     *  firstParam to the index following all parameters that are used by the
     *  current message so params must be in the order p0..pN, p00..p0N..pMN,
     *  p000..p00N..p0MN..pLMN... where each additional index is for nested
     *  placeholders (ones in params) and assumes every message/param contains
     *  N M L placeholders; any that don't contain placeholders can have their
     *  pXXX.. taken out, so long as the order of remaining params don't change
     * @param message Message to format
     * @param firstParam Index of parameter that relates to {0} placeholder,
     *  all parameters following this one relate to incrementing placeholders
     * @param params The parameters used to fill the placeholders
     * @return Message with all placeholders filled with relative parameters
    private static String formatMessage
    (   String message,
        int firstParam,
        Object[] params

        // Only need to do any formatting if there are parameters to do the
        //  formatting with. If there are none, the message input is returned
        //  unmodified
        if(params != null && firstParam < params.length)
        {   MessageFormat parser;
            Locale locale = Locale.getDefault();
            Format[] formats;

            // Set up
            parser = new MessageFormat("");
            // Used only to count how many parameters are needed by this message
            formats = parser.getFormatsByArgumentIndex();

            // Recursively format the parameters used by this message
            for(int paramIndex = 0; paramIndex < formats.length; paramIndex++)
                if(params[firstParam + paramIndex] instanceof String)
                    params[firstParam + paramIndex] = formatMessage
                    (   params[firstParam + paramIndex].toString(),
                        firstParam + formats.length,

            // Format the message using the formatted parameters
            message = parser.format(getParams
            (   params,
                firstParam + formats.length


        return message;


     * MessageFormat.format always matches the placeholder's index directly to
     *  the param array index, but because placeholders can be nested, the
     *  zeroth placeholder may not match the zeroth array element, so this
     *  method copies the array so that only the required array elements are
     *  present, and start from the zeroth element
     * @param params Complete param array
     * @param firstParam First element that will be used in complete param array
     * @param lastParam Last element that will be used in complete param array
     * @return Param array containing just the elements from
     *  firstParam..lastParam-1. If lastParam is less or equal to firstParam,
     *  null is returned rather than an empty array
    private static Object[] getParams
    (   Object[]    params,
        int     firstParam,
        int      lastParam
    ){  Object[] newParams = null;
        if(firstParam < lastParam)
        {   newParams = new Object[lastParam - firstParam];
            for(int i = firstParam; i < lastParam; i++)
                newParams[i - firstParam] = params[i];
        return newParams;



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