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JSP: deal with cookie

<%@ page import="javax.servlet.http.Cookie" %>

<title>This page leaves a cookie</title>


  Cookie[] allCookies = request.getCookies();
  Cookie ourCookie = null;
  if (allCookies!=null)
    for (int i=0; i<allCookies.length; i++)
      if (allCookies[i].getName().equals("TestCookie"))
          ourCookie = allCookies[i];

  if (ourCookie == null)
    Cookie cookie = new Cookie("TestCookie", "hello from cookie");
    A cookie has been added to your machine!
    <br>Select refresh to see the details of this cookie.

    The following cookie was added earlier to your machine:
    <br>Version: <%=ourCookie.getVersion() %>
    <br>Name: <%=ourCookie.getName() %>
    <br>Value: <%=ourCookie.getValue() %>
    <br>MaxAge: <%=ourCookie.getMaxAge() %>


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