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Prints a conversion table of miles per gallon to kilometers per liter


*  Copyright (c) 2002 by Phil Hanna
*  All rights reserved.
*  You may study, use, modify, and distribute this
*  software for any purpose provided that this
*  copyright notice appears in all copies.
*  This software is provided without warranty
*  either expressed or implied.
package com.jspcr.servlets;

import java.text.*;
import java.util.*;
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;

* Prints a conversion table of miles per gallon
* to kilometers per liter
public class K2MServlet extends HttpServlet
   * Numeric format used to display temperatures
   private static final DecimalFormat FMT
      = new DecimalFormat("#0.00");

   * Factor to convert from km/l to mi/gal
   private static final double CONVERSION_FACTOR = 2.352145;

   * Handles a GET request
   public void doGet(
         HttpServletRequest request,
         HttpServletResponse response)
      throws ServletException, IOException
      // Set up for creating HTML output

      PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();

      // Generate heading

         ( "<html>"
         + "<head>"
         + "<title>Fuel Efficiency Conversion Chart</title>"
         + "</head>"
         + "<body>"
         + "<center>"
         + "<h1>Fuel Efficiency Conversion Chart</h1>"
         + "<table border='1' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='0'>"
         + "<tr>"
         + "<th>Kilometers per Liter</th>"
         + "<th>Miles per Gallon</th>"
         + "</tr>"

      // Generate table

      for (double kmpl = 5; kmpl <= 20; kmpl += 1.0) {
         double mpg = kmpl * CONVERSION_FACTOR;
            ( "<tr>"
            + "<td align='right'>" + FMT.format(kmpl) + "</td>"
            + "<td align='right'>" + FMT.format(mpg) + "</td>"
            + "</tr>"

      // Generate footer

         ( "</table>"
         + "</center>"
         + "</body>"
         + "</html>"


Prints 92 k)

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