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Utilities to manage thread ids


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 * Provides utilities to manage thread ids.
public class ThreadUtil {
   * The ID associated with the thread.
  private static final ThreadLocal THREAD_ID = new ThreadLocal();

   * The thread id counter.
  private static long id;

   * Get the string ID for the current thread.
   * @return The thread id
  public static String getThreadId() {
    return getThreadId(Thread.currentThread());

   * Get the string ID for the specified thread.
   * @param thread
   *          The thread.
   * @return The thread id
  public static String getThreadId(final Thread thread) {
    final Object id = THREAD_ID.get();
    if (id != null) {
      return (String) id;

    final String newId = getNextId();
    return newId;

   * Get the next thread id to use.
   * @return The next thread id.
  private static synchronized String getNextId() {
    return "TSThread:" + Long.toHexString(++id);


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