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Execute Query

Execute Query


Date: 17 September 2006

Execute Query is an operating system independent database utility.

Execute Query Version 3.0final

Execute Query has been significantly redesigned for version 3.0beta and includes
a number of new features in addition to extensions and enhancements of all 
previous components and functions.

Central to the redesign has been the underlying layout of the application. The 
MDI interface has been replaced by an easier to use and more responsive tabbed 
panel interface. This has allowed some components that were previously almost
stand-alone internal frames to be more central and controlling features such as
the database schema browser which now functions as a primary and controlling 

New feature highlights summary:

  - Tabbed interface with draggable docked side panels.
  - Multiple database connections.
  - Redesigned query editor allowing more intuitive query execution
    as well as allowing multiple result sets in a new tabbed environment.
  - Wizard style functionality for the more complex tasks.
  - Import/export enhancements including binary object support.
  - Redesigned tools and tool configuration.
  - Draggable/clickable SQL keyword list
  - Improved JDBC driver detection
  - Stored object execution
  - Improved logging and file output
  - Improved table printing
  - Data type comparison across different databases
  - Enhanced SQL script generation
  - ... and many more

Further usability features have been added including more customisation features 
and keyboard shortcuts to often used editor commands including query execution
and the commit and rollback of statements.

The documentation has also been completely rebuilt.

Thanks to those who submitted bugs and suggestions. Keep them coming!

This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under 
certain conditions. See the GNU General Public License for details. 

Deployment Environment:
At present the recommended Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) version is at least 

This program has been tested under JRE version 1.5.0 on the following platforms:

   -- Windows versions 2000 and XP
   -- Solaris8, Solaris9 and Solaris10
   -- Various flavours of Linux

Startup files:
The application may be started by using the executable file eq.exe (Windows 
only) or the Unix shell scripts eq.sh.

Alternatively you may simply execute the Java archive eq.jar from the 
installation directory using your installed Java 1.5 runtime environment.

Source Code:
Source code is available for download directly from the download link at
executequery.org (where this program was downloaded). The source file is 
typically named executequery-src-<version>.tar.gz.

If you are interested in a particular feature but can not locate it within the 
code, please contact myself at the above address and you will be pointed in the 
right direction.

Note: In line with the significant redesign of much of Execute Query, the 
opportunity was taken to refactor much of the source code. Packages have been 
reorganised and many classes renamed or merged with like objects.

Web Site:
Please visit executequery.org for updates and information on upcoming 
releases including improved documentation. Use the relevant form to report
any bugs or send an email directly to Takis Diakoumis at the address below. 
Please consult the page Known Bugs of the help documentation before sending 
any bug report. Requests for enhancements/improvements can also be made 
via the site or email.

Thank you for trying Execute Query.

Takis Diakoumis
17 September 2006


executequery-src-v3.0final.zip( 12,022 k)

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