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Jenu is a Java based URL checker

Jenu is a Java based URL checker
Jenu is a Java based URL checker.  It's multi-threaded, and can check
links pretty quickly.  It has the beginnings of what could be a very
nice GUI.  

Unzip, untar, or un-anything else that works your distrobution.  

(generally 'tar zxf file.tar.gz', or 'tar Ixf file.tar.bz2')

Compile it:
You should be able to run it with the following:

javac -classpath .:html-parser.jar *.java

Run it:
You need JDK1.3 or later to run it.

java -cp .:html-parser.jar Jenu

put a URL in the window, such as http://www.<mysite>.com.

Currently, you must put the 'http://', it doesn't assume it for you.  

There is much to do, but the basic infrastructure is there.  

* Create a nice 'Preferences' window which includes:
   * # of concurrent threads
   * regular expressions for inclusion/exclusion
   * much more...

* better way to stop when you hit the stop button.  Currently, it
waits for all requests to finish before really stopping.  It should
just kill the threads that are outstanding when you hit the stop

* A good report of broken links, status, etc...

The html-parser.jar is from

and is fully owned by them, and distributable under the GPL.  

I haven't worked on this project much lately, so if anybody would like
to add features, feel free to contact me about it. 

You can email me at ccrome at

of course, Replace the at with '@'

       34 k)

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