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Controlling Script Errors

JavaScript Bible, Fourth Edition
by Danny Goodman 

John Wiley & Sons CopyRight 2001

<TITLE>Error Dialog Control</TITLE>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
// function with invalid variable value
function goWrong() {
    var x = fred
// turn off error dialogs
function errOff() {
    window.onerror = doNothing
// turn on error dialogs with hard reload
function errOn() {
    window.onerror = handleError
// assign default error handler
window.onerror = handleError
// error handler when errors are turned off...prevents error dialog
function doNothing() {return true}
function handleError(msg, URL, lineNum) {
    var errWind ="","errors","HEIGHT=270,WIDTH=400")
    var wintxt = "<HTML><BODY BGCOLOR=RED>"
    wintxt += "<B>An error has occurred on this page.  "
    wintxt += "Please report it to Tech Support.</B>"
    wintxt += "<FORM METHOD=POST ENCTYPE='text/plain' "
    wintxt += " >"
    wintxt += "<TEXTAREA NAME='errMsg' COLS=45 ROWS=8 WRAP=VIRTUAL>"
    wintxt += "Error: " + msg + "\n"
    wintxt += "URL: " + URL + "\n"
    wintxt += "Line: " + lineNum + "\n"
    wintxt += "Client: " + navigator.userAgent + "\n"
    wintxt += "-----------------------------------------\n"
    wintxt += "Please describe what you were doing when the error occurred:"
    wintxt += "</TEXTAREA><P>"
    wintxt += "<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE='Send Error Report'>"
    wintxt += "<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE='Close' onClick='self.close()'>"
    wintxt += "</FORM></BODY></HTML>"
    return true
<FORM NAME="myform">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Cause an Error" onClick="goWrong()"><P>
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Turn Off Error Dialogs" onClick="errOff()">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Turn On Error Dialogs" onClick="errOn()">


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