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If a DOM Node object is a Text object

Examples From
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fourth Edition

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David Flanagan

// This function is passed a DOM Node object and checks to see if that node 
// represents a string of text: i.e., if the node is a Text object.  If
// so, it returns the length of the string.  If not, it recursively
// calls itself on each of the children of the node and adds up the
// total length of the text it finds.  Note that it enumerates the
// children of a node using the firstChild and nextSibling properties.
// Note that the function does not recurse when it finds a Text node
// because Text nodes never have children.
function countCharacters(n) {               // n is a Node 
    if (n.nodeType == 3 /*Node.TEXT_NODE*/) // Check if n is a Text object
        return n.length;                    // If so, return its length.
    // Otherwise, n may have children whose characters we need to count
    var numchars = 0;  // Used to hold total characters of the children
    // Instead of using the childNodes property, this loop examines the
    // children of n using the firstChild and nextSibling properties.
    for(var m = n.firstChild; m != null; m = m.nextSibling) {
  numchars += countCharacters(m); // Add up total characters found
    return numchars;                    // Return total characters
  The onload event handler is an example of how the countCharacters()
  function might be used.  Note that we only want to count the
  characters in the <body> of the document, so we pass document.body
  to the function.
<body onload="alert('Document length: ' + countCharacters(document.body))">
This is a sample document.<p>How long is it?


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