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Methods and Properties of the Document Object

captureEvents()   Captures events to be handled by the document. 
close()           Closes output stream to the document.
contextual()      Allows you to selectively apply a style to an HTML element that appears in a specific context. 
getSelection()    Returns the selected text.
handleEvent()     Invokes the handler for the specified event. 
open()            Opens output stream to document.
releaseEvents()   Releases events captured by the document. 
routeEvent()      Routes captured events to other objects. 
write()           Appends text to the document.
writeln()         Appends text and a newline character to the document.

alinkColor        Color of an activated link.
all               Array of all HTML tags in the document. 
anchors           Array of Anchor objects.
applets           Array of Applet objects.
bgcolor           Background color of the document.
classes           Style sheet classes array.
cookie            Cookie associated with the document.
domain            Domain of the document.
embeds            Array of embedded objects.
fgcolor           Color of text in the document.
forms             Array of Form objects.
formName          Specifies Form instance accessed by using the value of the name attribute in the form tag.
height            Specifies height in pixels of the document. 
ids               Style sheet IDs array.
images            Array of Image objects.
lastModified      Date when the document was last modified.
layers            Array of Layer objects.
linkColor         Color of links.
links             Array of Link objects.
plugins           Array of embedded objects.
referrer          URL of the document to which the current document was linked.
tags              Style sheet tag array.
title             Title of the document.
URL               URL of the current document.
vlinkColor        Color of visited links.
width             Specifies width in pixels of the document.

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