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Checking Events for Modifier Keys

JavaScript Bible, Fourth Edition
by Danny Goodman 

John Wiley & Sons CopyRight 2001
<TITLE>Event Modifiers</TITLE>
function checkMods(evt) {
    evt = (evt) ? evt : (window.event) ? window.event : ""
    if (evt) {
        var elem = ( ? : evt.srcElement
        var form = document.output
        if (evt.modifiers) {
            form.modifier[0].checked = evt.modifiers & Event.ALT_MASK
            form.modifier[1].checked = evt.modifiers & Event.CONTROL_MASK
            form.modifier[2].checked = evt.modifiers & Event.SHIFT_MASK
            form.modifier[3].checked = evt.modifiers & Event.META_MASK
        } else {
            form.modifier[0].checked = evt.altKey
            form.modifier[1].checked = evt.ctrlKey
            form.modifier[2].checked = evt.shiftKey
            form.modifier[3].checked = false
    return false
<H1>Event Modifiers</H1>
<P>Hold one or more modifier keys and click on 
<A HREF="javascript:void(0)" onMouseDown="return checkMods(event)">
this link</A> to see which keys you are holding.</P>
<FORM NAME="output">
<P>Enter some text with uppercase and lowercase letters:
<INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE=40 onKeyUp="checkMods(event)"></P>
<P><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Click Here With Modifier Keys" onClick="checkMods(event)"></P>
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="modifier">Alt
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="modifier">Control
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="modifier">Shift
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="modifier">Meta


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