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Submitting Forms to the Server


<head><title>For More Information</title>
     function checkType() {
          if (document.form1.rush.checked) {
               document.form1.action = "";
<h1>Order Form</h1>
<form name="form1" action=""
method="POST" onSubmit="checkType()">
<p>Please provide the following contact information:</p>
    <em>First name </em>
        <input type=text size=25 maxlength=256 name="Contact_FirstName">
    <em>Last name </em>
        <input type=text size=25 maxlength=256 name="Contact_LastName">
    <em>Title </em>
        <input type=text size=35 maxlength=256 name="Contact_Title">
    <em>Organization </em>
        <input type=text size=35 maxlength=256 name="Contact_Organization">
    <em>Work Phone </em>
        <input type=text size=25 maxlength=25 name="Contact_WorkPhone">
    <em>FAX </em>
        <input type=text size=25 maxlength=25 name="Contact_FAX">
    <em>E-mail </em>
        <input type=text size=25 maxlength=256 name="Contact_Email">
    <em>URL </em><input type=text size=25 maxlength=25 name="Contact_URL">
<p>Please provide the following ordering information:</p>
   <strong>QTY     DESCRIPTION</strong>
   <input type=text size=6 maxlength=6 name="Ordering_OrderQty0">
   <input type=text size=45 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_OrderDesc0">
   <input type=text size=6 maxlength=6 name="Ordering_OrderQty1">
   <input type=text size=45 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_OrderDesc1">
   <input type=text size=6 maxlength=6 name="Ordering_OrderQty2">
   <input type=text size=45 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_OrderDesc2">
   <input type=text size=6 maxlength=6 name="Ordering_OrderQty3">
   <input type=text size=45 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_OrderDesc3">
   <input type=text size=6 maxlength=6 name="Ordering_OrderQty4">
   <input type=text size=45 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_OrderDesc4">
   <em>Purchase order # </em>
      <input type=text size=25 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_PONumber">
   <em>Account name </em>
      <input type=text size=25 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_POAccount">
   <em>  Street address </em>
      <input type=text size=35 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_StreetAddress">
   <em> Address (cont.) </em>
      <input type=text size=35 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_Address2">
   <em>City </em>
      <input type=text size=35 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_City">
   <em>  State/Province </em>
      <input type=text size=35 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_State">
   <em> Zip/Postal code </em>
      <input type=text size=12 maxlength=12 name="Ordering_ZipCode">
   <em>         Country </em>
      <input type=text size=25 maxlength=256 name="Ordering_Country">
   <input type=checkbox name="rush" value="ON">Rush Order!
   <input type=submit value="Submit Form"> 
   <input type=reset value="Reset Form"> 


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