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Cycling Through Table rows Property Values

JavaScript Bible, Fourth Edition
by Danny Goodman 

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons CopyRight 2001
ISBN: 0764533428

<TITLE>TABLE.rules Property</TITLE>

var timeoutID
var rulesValues = ["all", "cols", "groups", "none", "rows"]
function rotateBorder(i) {
    document.getElementById("myTABLE").rules = rulesValues[i]
    document.getElementById("myCAPTION").innerHTML = rulesValues[i]
    i = (++i == rulesValues.length) ? 0 : i
    timeoutID = setTimeout("rotateBorder(" + i + ")", 2000)
function stopRotate() {
    document.getElementById("myTABLE").rules = "all"
    document.getElementById("myCAPTION").innerHTML = "all"
<H1>TABLE.rules Property</H1>
<FORM NAME="controls">
<LEGEND>Cycle Table Rule Visibility</LEGEND>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Cycle" onClick="rotateBorder(0)"></TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Stop" onClick="stopRotate()"></TD>
    <TD>Congo<TD>Atlantic Ocean<TD>2900<TD>4670
    <TD>Niger<TD>Atlantic Ocean<TD>2600<TD>4180
    <TD>Zambezi<TD>Indian Ocean<TD>1700<TD>2740


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