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Image Map Event Handling

<TITLE>Image Map Event Handling</TITLE>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
firstTimeOnHead = true

function onHead() {
 if(firstTimeOnHead) {
  alert("You're on my head!")
function myEye() {
function myNose() {
function myMouth() {
<H1>Image Map Event Handling</H1>
<IMG SRC="" USEMAP="#blockman">
<MAP NAME="blockman">
<AREA COORDS="80,88,120,125" HREF="A.htm" onMouseOver="myEye()">
<AREA COORDS="169,88,208,125" HREF="B.htm" onMouseOver="myEye()">
<AREA COORDS="124,147,165,181" HREF="C.htm" onMouseOut="myNose()">
<AREA COORDS="92,210,192,228" HREF="D.htm" onMouseOut="myMouth()">
<AREA COORDS="6,4,292,266" HREF="E.htm" onMouseOver="onHead()">


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