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Window 'scrollHeight' Example

<script language="JavaScript">
function function2() {
    myX.innerHTML = window.event.offsetX;
    myY.innerHTML = window.event.offsetY;
    mySX.innerHTML = window.event.screenX;
    mySY.innerHTML = window.event.screenY;
    mySH.innerHTML = myDiv.scrollHeight;
    mySW.innerHTML = myDiv.scrollWidth; 
function function1() {
    mySL.innerHTML = myDiv.scrollLeft;
    myST.innerHTML = myDiv.scrollTop; 
   <b>X Coordinate:</b> 
   <span id="myX">0</span>
   <b>Y Coordinate:</b> 
   <span id="myY">0</span>
   <b>Screen X:</b> 
   <span id="mySX">0</span>
   <b>Screen Y:</b> 
   <span id="mySY">0</span>
   <b>Scroll Height:</b> 
   <span id="mySH">0</span>
   <b>Scroll Width:</b> 
   <span id="mySW">0</span>
   <b>Scroll Left:</b> 
   <span id="mySL">0</span>
   <b>Scroll Top:</b> 
   <span id="myST">0</span>
<div id="myDiv" 
     style="border:solid; width:200; height:50; overflow:scroll;">
   <img src="yourimage.gif">


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