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Data bound calendar

Isomorphic SmartClient
Copyright(c) 1998 and beyond Isomorphic Software, Inc.
"SmartClient" is a trademark of Isomorphic Software, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Open Source License

SmartClient source code, located under the source/ directory, and the resulting assembled modules 
in isomorphic/system/modules/, as well as JavaScript and CSS files under the isomorphic/skins directory are 
licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3. 
The text of the LGPLv3 license is available online at

If your project precludes the use of this license, or if you'd like to support SmartClient LGPL, 
we encourage you to buy a commercial license.

Icon Experience Collection

Selected 16x16 icons within the isomorphic/skins directory are part of the Icon Experience collection 
( and may be freely used with any SmartClient components without charge, 
but may not be used as part of screen designs separate from SmartClient components without a purchase 
of a license from Icon Experience. We are working to replace these icons as soon as possible.

All other media found under the isomorphic/skins directory may be used under the LGPLv3.

Commercial Licenses

A number of commercial licenses are available for purchase. Please see

Warranty Disclaimer

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even 
the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General 
Public License for more details.

Copyright 2001 and beyond Isomorphic Software, Inc. Last revised July 20, 2008. 


<!-- The following code is revised from SmartClient demo code(>

  <SCRIPT>var isomorphicDir="isomorphic/";</SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Core.js></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Foundation.js></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Containers.js></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Grids.js></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Forms.js></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_DataBinding.js></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Calendar.js></SCRIPT>
  <SCRIPT SRC=isomorphic/skins/standard/load_skin.js></SCRIPT>
</HEAD><BODY BGCOLOR='silver'>


var _today = new Date;
var _start = _today.getDate() - _today.getDay();
var _month = _today.getMonth();
var _year = _today.getFullYear();
var eventData = [
    eventId: 1, 
    name: "Meeting",
    description: "Shareholders meeting: monthly forecast report",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 2, 9),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 2, 14)
    eventId: 2,
    name: "Realtor",
    description: "Breakfast with realtor to discuss moving plans",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 3, 8 ),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 3, 10)
    eventId: 3,
    name: "Soccer",
    description: "Little league soccer finals",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 13),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 16)
    eventId: 4, 
    name: "Sleep",
    description: "Catch up on sleep",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 5),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 9)
    eventId: 5,
    name: "Inspection",
    description: "Home inspector coming",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 10),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 12),
    eventWindowStyle: "testStyle",
    canEdit: false
    eventId: 6,
    name: "Airport run",
    description: "Pick James up from the airport",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 1),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 3)
    eventId: 7,
    name: "Dinner Party",
    description: "Prepare elaborate meal for friends",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 17),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 20)
    eventId: 8,
    name: "Poker",
    description: "Poker at Steve's house",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 21),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 4, 23)
    eventId: 9,
    name: "Meeting",
    description: "Board of directors meeting: discussion of next months strategy",
    startDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 5, 11),
    endDate: new Date(_year, _month, _start + 5, 15)

// using a client-only dataSource so that test data is always relative to the current date
    ID: "eventDS",
        {name:"eventId", primaryKey: true, type: "sequence"},
        {name:"startDate", type: "datetime"},
        {name:"endDate", type: "datetime"}
    clientOnly: true,
    testData: eventData

    ID: "eventCalendar", 
    dataSource: eventDS, autoFetchData: true



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