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Table cell padding and space Example

Click in any cell to view the cellIndex value.
<table id="myTable" cols="3">
       <th id="th1" onclick="function1(this);">Header 1</th>
       <th id="th2" onclick="function1(this);">Header 2</th>
       <th id="th3" onclick="function1(this);">Header 3</th>
       <td id="td1" onclick="function1(this);">Cell 1</td>
       <td id="td2" onclick="function1(this);">Cell 2</td>
       <td id="td3" onclick="function1(this);">Cell 3</td>
<button onclick="alert(myTable.cellPadding);">Cell Padding</button>
<button onclick="alert(myTable.cellSpacing);">Cell Spacing</button>
<button onclick="alert(myTable.cols);">cols</button>
<script language="JavaScript">
    function function1(elem) {
        alert("Cell Index :"+ elem.cellIndex);


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