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Show the table structure


SQL> create table employee_history ( employee_id      number(6) not null,
  2                                  salary           number(8,2),
  3                                  hire_date        date default sysdate,
  4                                  termination_date date,
  5                                  termination_desc varchar2(4000),
  6                                  constraint       emphistory_pk
  7                                  primary key (employee_id, hire_date)
  8                                );

Table created.

SQL> describe employee_history;
 Name                                        Null?    Type
 ------------------------------------------- -------- -------------

 EMPLOYEE_ID                                 NOT NULL NUMBER(6)
 SALARY                                       NUMBER(8,2)
 HIRE_DATE                                   NOT NULL DATE
 TERMINATION_DATE                             DATE
 TERMINATION_DESC                             VARCHAR2(4000)

SQL> drop table employee_history;


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