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Print out class tree

Print out class tree
def classtree(cls, indent):
    print '.'*indent, cls.__name__        # print class name here
    for supercls in cls.__bases__:        # recur to all superclasses
        classtree(supercls, indent+3)     # may visit super > once

def instancetree(inst):
    print 'Tree of', inst                 # show instance
    classtree(inst.__class__, 3)          # climb to its class

def selftest():
    class A: pass
    class B(A): pass
    class C(A): pass
    class D(B,C): pass
    class E: pass
    class F(D,E): pass
if __name__ == '__main__': selftest()

class Emp: pass

class Person(Emp): pass

bob = Person()


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