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List box demo

List box demo

from Tkinter import *

class AllTkinterWidgets:
    def __init__(self, master):
        frame = Frame(master, width=500, height=400, bd=1)

        iframe3 = Frame(frame, bd=2, relief=GROOVE)
        listbox = Listbox(iframe3, height=4)
        for line in ['Listbox Entry One','Entry Two','Entry Three','Entry Four']:
            listbox.insert(END, line)
        listbox.pack(fill=X, padx=5)
        iframe3.pack(expand=1, fill=X, pady=10, padx=5)
        iframe4 = Frame(frame, bd=2, relief=SUNKEN)
        text=Text(iframe4, height=10, width =65)
        fd = open('')
        lines =
        text.insert(END, lines)
        text.pack(side=LEFT, fill=X, padx=5)
        sb = Scrollbar(iframe4, orient=VERTICAL, command=text.yview)
        sb.pack(side=RIGHT, fill=Y)

root = Tk()
all = AllTkinterWidgets(root)
root.title('Tkinter Widgets')

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