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OK Cancel dialog

OK Cancel dialog

from Tkinter import *
import math

root = Tk()
top = Frame(root) 

hwtext = Label(top, text='Hello, World! The sine of')

r = StringVar()
r_entry = Entry(top, width=6, textvariable=r)

s = StringVar()
def comp_s(event):
    global s
    s.set('%g' % math.sin(float(r.get()))) # construct string

r_entry.bind('<Return>', comp_s)

compute = Label(top, text=' equals ')

s_label = Label(top, textvariable=s, width=18)

import tkMessageBox
def quit(event):
    if tkMessageBox.askokcancel('Quit','Do you really want to quit?'):

root.bind('<q>', quit)



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