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Escape sequence and hex number

"\a" == "\x07"  # => true  #ASCII 0x07 = BEL (Sound system bell)
"\b" == "\x08"  # => true  #ASCII 0x08 = BS (Backspace)
"\e" == "\x1b"  # => true  #ASCII 0x1B = ESC (Escape)
"\f" == "\x0c"  # => true  #ASCII 0x0C = FF (Form feed)
"\n" == "\x0a"  # => true  #ASCII 0x0A = LF (Newline/line feed)
"\r" == "\x0d"  # => true  #ASCII 0x0D = CR (Carriage return)
"\t" == "\x09"  # => true  #ASCII 0x09 = HT (Tab/horizontal tab)
"\v" == "\x0b"  # => true  #ASCII 0x0B = VT (Vertical tab)


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