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Schema of information_schema Tables


information_schema.schemata                     Contains data on all available databases.
information_schema.tables                       Contains the properties of all tables.
information_schema.columns                      Contains the properties of all table columns.
information_schema.statistics                   Contains statistical information on the table indexes.
information_schema.views                        Describes the properties of all views.
information_schema.table_constraints            Lists the PRIMARY, UNIQUE, and FOREIGN KEY indexes of all tables.
information_schema.key_column_usage             Lists all indexes, but contains even more detail than table_constraints.
information_schema.referential_constraints      Describes all FOREIGN KEY rules (not yet implemented).

information_schema.user_privileges              Contains a list of every MySQL user. 
information_schema.schema_privileges            Describes database-specific privileges.
information_schema.table_privileges             Describes table-specific privileges.
information_schema.column_privileges            Describes access privileges to individual columns.

information_schema.character_sets               Contains all available character sets.
information_schema.collations                   Contains all available sort orders.
information_schema.collation_character_set_applicability            Specifies which sort orders are stuitable for which character sets.

information_schema.routines                     Contains information about all stored procedures
information_schema.parameters                   Describes the parameters of stored procedures.
information_schema.triggers                     Contains data on all triggers (not yet implemented).


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