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MySQL Privilege Types


Privilege Type                         Description                                                         
ALL                                    Grants all privileges, except WITH GRANT OPTION                      
ALTER                                  Grants use of ALTER TABLE 
CREATE                                 Grants use of CREATE TABLE  

DELETE                                 Grants use of DELETE 
DROP                                   Grants use of DROP TABLE 
EXECUTE                                Grants use of stored procedures
FILE                                   Grants use of SELECT INTO OUTFILE and LOAD DATA INFILE 
GRANT OPTION                           Used to revoke WITH GRANT OPTION 
INDEX                                  Grants use of CREATE INDEX and DROP INDEX 
INSERT                                 Grants use of INSERT 
LOCK TABLES                            Grants use of LOCK TABLES on tables on which the user already has the SELECT privilege
PROCESS                                Grants use of SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST 
RELOAD                                 Grants use of FLUSH 
REPLICATION CLIENT                     Grants ability to ask where the slaves/masters are
REPLICATION SLAVE                      Grants ability of the replication slaves to read information from master
SELECT                                 Grants use of SELECT 
SHOW DATABASES                         Grants use of SHOW DATABASES 
SHUTDOWN                               Grants use of MYSQLADMIN SHUTDOWN 
SUPER                                  Grants the user one connection, one time, 
                                       even if the server is at maximum connections limit, 
                                       and grants use of CHANGE MASTER, KILL THREAD, MYSQLADMIN DEBUG, 
                                       PURGE MASTER LOGS, and SET GLOBAL 
UPDATE                                 Grants use of UPDATE 
USAGE                                  Grants access to log in to the MySQL Server but bestows no privileges 
WITH GRANT OPTION                      Grants ability for users to grant any privilege they possess to another user 


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