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Class Inheritance Demo

Class Inheritance Demo
Imports System
Imports System.Collections
Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Configuration
Imports System.Resources
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Drawing.Printing

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        Using objCar As New SportsCar
            'Set the horsepower and weight(kg)
            objCar.HorsePower = 240
            objCar.Weight = 1085

            'Display the details of the car
        End Using

        'Wait for input from the user
    End Sub

    'DisplayCarDetails - procedure that displays a car's details
    Sub DisplayCarDetails(ByVal theCar As Car)
        'Display the details of the car
        Console.WriteLine("Color: " & theCar.Color)
        Console.WriteLine("Number of doors: " & theCar.NumberOfDoors)
        Console.WriteLine("Current speed: " & theCar.Speed)
        Console.WriteLine("Acceleration rate: " & _
    End Sub

    'DisplaySportsCarDetails - procedure that displays a sports car's details
    Sub DisplaySportsCarDetails(ByVal theCar As SportsCar)
        'Display the details of the sports car
        Console.WriteLine("Sports Car Horsepower: " & theCar.HorsePower)
        Console.WriteLine("Sports Car Weight: " & theCar.Weight)
        Console.WriteLine("Power to Weight Ratio: " & theCar.GetPowerToWeightRatio)
    End Sub
End Module

    Public Class Car
        Implements IDisposable

        Public Color As String
        Public HorsePower As Integer

        Private _speed As Integer
        Private _numberOfDoors As Integer

        Public ReadOnly Property Speed() As Integer
                Return _speed
            End Get
        End Property

        Public Sub Accelerate(ByVal accelerateBy As Integer)
            _speed += accelerateBy
        End Sub

        Public Property NumberOfDoors() As Integer
                Return _numberOfDoors
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As Integer)
                If value >= 2 And value <= 5 Then
                    _numberOfDoors = value
                End If
            End Set
        End Property

        Public Function IsMoving() As Boolean
            If Speed = 0 Then
                Return False
                Return True
            End If
        End Function

        Public Sub New()
            Color = "White"
            _speed = 0
            _numberOfDoors = 5
        End Sub

        Public Overridable Function CalculateAccelerationRate() As Double
            Return 4.2
        End Function

        Private disposed As Boolean = False

        ' IDisposable
        Private Overloads Sub Dispose(ByVal disposing As Boolean)
            If Not Me.disposed Then
                If disposing Then
                    ' TODO: put code to dispose managed resources
                End If

                ' TODO: put code to free unmanaged resources here
            End If
            Me.disposed = True
        End Sub

#Region " IDisposable Support "
        ' This code added by Visual Basic to correctly implement the disposable pattern.
        Public Overloads Sub Dispose() Implements IDisposable.Dispose
            ' Do not change this code.  Put cleanup code in Dispose(ByVal disposing As Boolean) above.
        End Sub

        Protected Overrides Sub Finalize()
            ' Do not change this code.  Put cleanup code in Dispose(ByVal disposing As Boolean) above.
        End Sub
#End Region

    End Class

Public Class SportsCar
    Inherits Car

    Public Weight As Integer

    Public Function GetPowerToWeightRatio() As Double
        Return CType(HorsePower, Double) / CType(Weight, Double)
    End Function

    Public Sub New()
        'Change the default values
        Color = "Green"
        NumberOfDoors = 2
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Function CalculateAccelerationRate() As Double
        'You'll assume the same 4.2 value, but you'll multiply it
        'by the power/weight ratio
        Return 4.2 * GetPowerToWeightRatio()
    End Function
End Class


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