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Compare int property


Imports System.Collections.Generic

Public Class Car
  Public PetName As String = String.Empty
  Public Color As String = String.Empty
  Public Speed As Integer
  Public Make As String = String.Empty

  Public Overloads Overrides Function ToString() As String
    Return String.Format("Make={0}, Color={1}, Speed={2}, PetName={3}", _
      Make, Color, Speed, PetName)
  End Function
End Class

Module Program

  Sub Main()

        Dim myCars As New List(Of Car)(New Car() { _
    New Car With {.PetName = "D", .Color = "Silver", .Speed = 100, .Make = "BMW"}, _
    New Car With {.PetName = "C", .Color = "Tan", .Speed = 90, .Make = "BMW"}, _
    New Car With {.PetName = "B", .Color = "Rust", .Speed = 5, .Make = "Yugo"}, _
    New Car With {.PetName = "A", .Color = "White", .Speed = 43, .Make = "Ford"}})

    Dim fastCars = From c In myCars Where c.Speed > 55 Select c

    For Each car In fastCars

  End Sub

End Module


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